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Realize - Equality - Actively - with Love
We are CUPID'S ACTIVISTS fighting to give our children back their childhood
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R.E.A.L. Women USA considers Parental Alienation a form of child abuse. Other websites may be included which also discuss other types of child abuse. These are very emotional issues, and R.E.A.L. Women USA will try to provide as reputable information as possible.

Parental Alienation Syndrome, in simple definition, is a way of indoctrinating children by the custodial parent to emotionally alienated them from the non-custodial parent.





"PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME has gotten very little media attention. Children of divorce are subjected to court ordered trips to a psychologist/psychiatrist as soon as divorce is filed in some states. Others are DRAGGED there against their will by a custodial parent as a maneuver to win deny visitation. These tactics are also used to influence Judges in custody determination cases. This is extremely damaging to children and MUST BE STOPPED.


Children of Divorce are automatically presumed to have mental problems. Why do we as a society keep telling our children they are products of divorce and must have mental problems?

Which one of you adults out there would AGREE TO, or like being FORCED to see a psychologist/psychiatrist against your wishes -- when in reality -- all you want is to see BOTH PARENTS and the fighting to stop??

We have forgotten what children need - LOVE!


If you are denying your children access to the non-custodial parent - WHY?

If you are dragging your children to the couch of a professional - WHY?

if you are constantly indoctrinating your children with hatred of their non-custodial parent - WHY?

IF you love your children UNCONDITIONALLY, why are you hurting them by keeping them away from the other parent?

The war between ADULTS must stop!!


Put your own anger aside and help SAVE OUR CHILDREN"

4/22/99 - Pearle Harbour


Disclaimer - R.E.A.L. Parents USA nor Pearle Harbour endorses any links listed below or any products which may be for sale on these websites. Links were chosen for informational purposes only. Please seek competent, reputable, professional help. If you find any links not what they are portrayed as, please notify R.E.A.L. Parents USA IMMEDIATELY and they will be removed.


As you will see from links below, PAS is an global problem.


Sue's Positive Page


Personal website with lots of good information, plus positive information as well.

United Kingdom

Family Courts

Personal website with lots of good information from a father who has been there.

United States

Psy Care Foundation

Information site - educational

PAS Network

PAS Network


World Wide Divorced Dads

Dedicated to equality in parenting and reform of Family Court System

United States

Men's Rights Agency

Source of information and resources



Articles on PAS

GET INFORMED if you have no idea what PAS means and what it can do to our children

Fathers Are Capable Too

Information on PAS


Texas Fathers For Equal Rights

Father's Guide to Parental Alienation

United States

Still A Dad

Advice from a psychiatrist

  Alienated Parents Association

Resource site for information on PAS

Children's Justice

Good source for information on Children's Rights and PAS

(Thanks to Mr. William Kirkendale, Advisory Council, for supplying R.E.A.L. Parents USA with some of these links)

More will be added.


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