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Realize - Equality - Actively - with Love
We are CUPID'S ACTIVISTS fighting to give our children back their childhood
and restore our Country's values.

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"Angels - Friends are angels who life us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.
" Anonymous

R.E.A.L. Women USA quotes this anonymous author to remind all of us angels are everywhere. We can make change happen if we work together for our CHILDREN.


Pearle Harbour

President and Founder of REAL Women USA

Chairman of Advisory Council




Psychology Major

Certified Paralegal

IRS Tax Auditor



Guerilla "Divorce" Warfare - pen name of Pearle Harbour - gleaned from professional and personal experience, including several Pro Se appearances; and from helping clients and friends through nasty divorces

Reviews of Guerilla "Divorce" Warfare have appeared in Transitions, Everyman's Magazine, Backlash, and several fathers' groups websites.

Gender Bias in Our Family Court published in numerous publications, including Childrens' Advocate, Fathering Magazine, Central Maine Dads Newsletter, Wisconsin Dads Newsletter, Everyman Magazine

Feminism - Beauty or The Beast Fathering Magazine, Children's' Advocate, and other publications in February/March

Published numerous times in national publications under two other pen names. Many of the articles or stories were about or for children in such publications as Wee Wisdom, Good Apple, and The Instructor.

Wrote handbook used nationally by the federal government An instructional manual adopted for internal use by a fortune 500 company

Taught writing classes

Commissioned to design and plan a Congressional dedication for a government facility



Appearances include:

KPSU, Portland, Oregon, WLW, Cincinnati - Mike McConnell's talk show, "Greaseman" 94.7, Washington, D.C./Maryland, WKZO, Kalamazoo, MI - Lori Moore, WHNZ, St. Petersburg, FL, WHIO, Dayton, Ohio KCNN (Hot Talk) - Scott Hennen, East Grand Forks, Minnesota/Fargo, ND WRUF 850 AM - Todd Lewis, Gainesville, FL KPDQ AM, Mary Starrett, Portland, Oregon, to name a few, with more talk shows scheduled in 1999.

Interviewed by The Alberta Report News Magazine, Reporter Candis McLean - about the feminization and gender bias of our legal system, and its practical effects on fathers and children.

Keynote speaker at the Dayton P.A.C.E. Rally, "Fighting For Our Children", speaking on the injustices/biases of our family court system.

The author will be on a speaking tour in the Midwest fall (dates yet to be determined) 1999.


Primary objectives of the author's writings are to save children from the hurt and pain caused by unnecessarily elongated divorces, and the PAS caused by manipulative custodial parents (usually women). Additionally, the author attempts to help non-custodial parents (usually fathers) cope with a gender biased legal system.


KPSU, Portland, Oregon - May 6, 1999

Guest Speaker at NCFC National Convention - September 1999


Gender Bias In Our Family Court System

Feminism - Beauty or The Beast

Feminism: Equality, Not Emasculation


Jan O'Brien-Brown



Central Maine since 1995, formerly of Massachusetts

Mother of two children.

Active in fathers rights in divorce/custody issues and parents rights in false allegations of child abuse issues since 1996

Board Member and Chapter Coordinator of Maine Dads, a federal non profit organization since 3/97


weight loss counselor

day care owner


Currently enrolled in an undergraduate program for Para legal studies.

Research interests include: the importance of father's in children's lives, battered men, false allegations of domestic violence and false allegations of child sexual abuse.


C. K. Weaver





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