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Realize - Equality - Actively - with Love
We are CUPID'S ACTIVISTS fighting to give our children back their childhood
and restore our Country's values.

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Who We Are


Words are used to create concepts which can change the way we think.

REAL Women USA feels "politically correctness" has eliminated some very good words from our vocabulary and even the dictionary. REAL Women USA has posted below some "old" words and concepts which expand upon our philosophies.

These "old" words, eliminated by others for their own selfish purposes and gains, were made "politically incorrect" by years of liberal media propaganda and sound bits. REAL Women USA asks -


Why can't a woman be a lady too?

Why are ONLY men now viewed as abusive, predators, cheaters, deadbeats, etc.?




A Real Woman doesn't need to abuse and alienate her children against their father just so she can get revenge after her divorce.

A Real Woman always puts the best interests of her children before her own.

A Real Woman doesn't need to denigrate others to enhance her own self esteem.

A Real Woman doesn't have to lie and perjure  herself in Family Court to win the love and affection of her children.

A Real Woman doesn't have to steal and cheat or persecute her former husband to get ahead and make a decent living in life for herself.

A Real Woman doesn't have to use and manipulate the Court system to obtain her rights and fair treatment.

A Real Woman allows her mate and children the freedom to be themselves and to follow their dreams because she is secure in herself.

A Real Woman gives her love unconditionally with no strings, controls, or rules.

A Real Woman doesn't need to blame others for her own mistakes.

A Real Woman doesn't have to make excuses for her own behavior.

A Real Woman doesn't need to let others do her talking for her.

A Real Woman doesn't have to constantly defend her decisions in life.

A Real Woman doesn't have to put up with sexual harassment, abuse or second class citizenship.

A Real Woman doesn't have the need to continually prove herself to others.

A Real Woman doesn't have to abide by stereotypes and arbitrary restrictions placed upon her by society.

A Real Woman doesn't have to demand respect because she is a Woman. She is able to get all the respect she needs and wants because she is a Real Woman.

A Real Woman who is a mother is a child's greatest blessing in life.

A Real Woman who is a wife is also a husband's greatest blessing in life.

A Real Woman who is a friend is also a friend's greatest blessing in life.

A Real Woman is someone who has a heart bigger than life and a conscience to match........ In short A Real Woman is A Real Woman.

Copyright 3/8/99 William Kirkendale

The Family Courts Reform Council of America

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Real Men take full responsibility for their actions and do not try and blame others for their mistakes.

Real Men are strong but are not bullies.

Real Men do not try and take advantage of those who are weak.

Real Men support their children after divorce both emotionally and financially.

Real Men stand up and fight for their rights and beliefs at all times.

Real Men always try and help others less fortunate than themselves.

Real Men never hit or otherwise abuse a woman.

Real Men take care of their wives and family.

Real Men do not cheat on their spouses.

Real Men fully understand that it is from God from whom all their blessings flow.

Real Men are kind and gentle and are able to cry and show emotion without shame.

Real Men have enough confidence in themselves that they can take criticism without getting angry.

Real Men would never denigrate their wives in front of their children.

Real men would never try and alienate their children against their wives.

Real Men can admit their mistakes.

Real Men try and set good examples for others to follow.

Real Men love peace but will always stand firm and fight a war to the death against evil.

Real Men honor their commitments to others even though it might hurt them to do so.

Real Men become leaders ONLY after they first learn how to FOLLOW.

Copyright 4/1/99 William Kirkendale

A Real Lady
A Real Gentleman


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