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After checking about 100 legal websites, REAL Parents USA has chosen the following as the most useful and user-friendly.

These websites are a good place to learn the legal lingo if you are a beginner, and want to know what to ask your attorney. Several of the websites, however, are sophisticated enough to enable fairly serious legal research.

"REMEMBER - Legal research is like fishing. It takes lots of time and patience. You throw more back than you keep, AND you rarely catch the big one."

Pearle Harbour

copyright 4/9/99


If you would like to do your own search, go to your favorite search engine and put in Divorce Legal Forms.

If you have any favorites, please submit them to REAL Women USA to be reviewed and considered for inclusion on our list.




A great place to start for legal information. This site has some great links. Go to Cross-Road and click on Substantiative Law on the World Wide Web for Case Law


This site is very informative and has information listed by State. It also has a few FREE forms and resources. It's nice to see there are some lawyers who still have a heart, and seem genuinely to want to help.


Not for lawyers only. Good site if you want to go pro se. Yes, it will cost you $6.95 per month, but you can do some in-depth legal research here.


A great site to do legal research if you know exactly what you are looking for. This is very large site which is very thorough and has numerous links.


I can hardly believe !! Another decent informative site from a lawyer.


I can believe I ate the whole thing! Okay, so I didn't choke on another's lawyer's line. It's a cute site. The home page is worth reading, and the book list is good.


This site has some useful FREE forms to be completed BEFORE you see your attorney. The forms are available in their "Workshop" Section.


This site is good for self-education, and is a good source of general information oriented towards divorce.


This site will tell you the basic forms you will need, but it's VERY EXPENSIVE. Most libraries have a book with these forms in which you can PHOTOCOPY.


This site is VERY EXPENSIVE. I wouldn't use it, BUT you can learn the names of a lot of the forms that will be needed and THEN go to the Courthouse and get them YOURSELF.


This is a very popular site, and has a lot of information. Has a good search engine, but it could overwhelm a novice.



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