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Denial of Visitation


Powerless in PA.

You have supported me in the past in regards to my
non-custodial parent situation - but here is
something that may fuel your fire regarding an
incident last night and the Police Dept.

Last night my phone call was cut short by XXX, you remember her -- the
After attempting to call back 6 or 7 times and getting no
response I had finally had it, reached my limit.
Well - anyway I called the Police and
requested that they respond and uphold my court order
from Judge M..... which states - the phone must
open between 8:00 and 8:30 PM and that my phone
with them cannot be interfered with. I had to go
to so far as to having it actually stated in the
court order as to when I could call my children
because I was never able to get a hold of them in
the evening.
After waiting over an hour - they, they being the
Police - finally called me back. Their
response was that it was a civil issue and they
could do nothing about it. They said my ex- said I
talked to the children earlier, ( which according
to the court agreement I am allowed to do - as they
called me)- and that they were being punished.
Ok - fine they are being punished but couldn't
someone have told me that?

Gets better - The Police told me they
told my ex-husband to have the boys call me,
- he did not. I went down to the Police station
about 9:30 PM with my boyfriend and requested a
copy of the report. The officer in charge - Sgt. H.
don't know how you spell it because got really
nasty - accused my boyfriend and I of being drunk. He told
us if we did not leave he was going to give us a
Breathalyzer test. Well my boyfriend said , and so did I,
go get the Breathalyzer - which he did not do - I
requested copy of the incident which was not
given to me - I saw it and requested a comment to
be added by me and they refused - that is when we
were accused of being drunk. Now here is an
interesting fact - they would not give us a
Breathalyzer and on top of it all - let us go out
and drive away!!!!

I am embarrassed, humiliated, and just darn
disgusted. Went back the next morning to get a copy
and the printer was not working - they asked me to
come back when the police chief was there.

Interesting thing about the Police I said
if I am under court order to pay child support and
don't - you would haul me off soon enough -
wouldn't you? But of course that is different.

So the lesson I have learned here is that it pays to
be civilly disobedient. If he does not have to
follow the court order than neither do I, I do not
have to take them home on time either - do I . Maybe I
just let them throw my butt in jail and take
care of me - put a roof over my head - give me food and Sue
the whole lot of them.

Add this to an already bad day:
I get a letter from domestic relations dated
2/22 to
appear at a meeting to discuss my case. Well - no
comment at to what it is about . I assume the
meeting is over the reimbursement of day care monies
I pay the ex-girlfriend when the children are not in
her exclusive care (when I have them or if my
ex-husband has off from work) - because I sent a
letter - to which I did not get a response. Find
out yesterday from a letter from my attorney
that it
is regards to resolving our medical bill issues
Now I would have gone totally unprepared and he
would have had all the ammo.

Powerless in PA

Oh I have copied a friend of mine on this
because I
because I hope it makes it to her website.

NOTE: For those interested, this is from a non-custodial mother


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