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Realize - Equality - Actively - with Love
We are CUPID'S ACTIVISTS fighting to give our children back their childhood
and restore our Country's values.



"Innocent children with broken hearts fill our universe

Each new sunrise brings hope their pain will go away

Each sunset they wish upon a star we all stop fighting

Innocent hearts filled with unconditional love and

STILL they HOPE one day we'll figure it out."

Pearle Harbour 4/2/99

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Only "positive" information will be added to the Children's Page.

Adults need to be reminded children are very special people - NOT tools of revenge, control, or manipulation by adults for their own selfish purposes.

We were given important jobs as parents. We, as adults, have forgotten children are very special gifts sent by God. Special gifts meant for us to love unconditionally, teach, and protect.

God entrusted us with these special children. Too many adults have lost sight of who children really are, and how much they need us to guide them through their childhoods.



I kneel in my garden to attend to weeded beds. At this height, I am dwarfed by stalks and nearby heads of sunflower towers that umbrella me.

I uncover a seed next to its mate, one that may grow in the shoe print of my daughter who is eight. From my knees I pretend not to watch what she plants.

A furrow cradles her sleeping doll and mulch does pillow her cat. The robin nods and winks from his perch on the scarecrow's hat. I turn to the business of making rows,

oblivious to all but my reluctant hoe. She stops to chat with her attendants about the most important person there. I pause and hold my breath as she kisses a seed for me and places it with a prayer.

B.Koplen 12/30/96

Loving Father of Cara and Mary Bett



American History - for fun and for education

This is a great website to learn our reacquaint yourself with our Country's history. It also has everything on our holidays. Lots of great information at website. Check it out!!



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