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Realize - Equality - Actively - with Love
We are CUPID'S ACTIVISTS fighting to give our children back their childhood
and restore our Country's values.

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Children's Right


We have now become a nonprofit project teaching the workshop NEW
PERSPECTIVES, which is part of the Children's Rights Council, to children of
divorce and their families at elementary schools and Houses of Worship. As
you may recall, NEW PERSPECTIVES is the workshop appended to the
award-winning, easy-read children's book A HEART FULL OF LOVE, the story
told by 8-year old Allison about her parent's divorce. She is torn between
sorrow and fear of the changes in her life, but ultimately makes peace with
herself, family, and stepfamily with the loving guidance of the adults in
her life.

A HEART FULL OF LOVE won first place in the guilded Quill Award, a national
writing contest, and has been endorsed by numerous expert organizations and
professionals including the American Psychiatric Press, author John
Bradshaw, the
Stepfamily Association of America, Parents Without Partners, National
Organization of
Single Mothers, and the Children's Rights Council of Washington, D.C.

Very little (if anything at all) is offered to children of divorce and their
families, stepfamilies and extended families on the art of creating peace
within oneself and one's family. NEW PERSPECTIVES fills the gap. Children
of divorce grieve, and with 20 million children of divorce in the United
States, and a million more children added to that staggering number per
year, coupled with every other marriage ending in divorce, and remarriages
with children ending in an 80% failure rate, the need for NEW PERSPECTIVES
and a book like A HEART FULL OF LOVE is evident. All proceed for A HEART
FULL OF LOVE go to running the NEW PERSPECTIVES workshop. We are also
running workshops to train facilitators for the NEW PERSPECTIVES workshop.

Please use any of the above on your website. You can include my phone
number: 303-713-9805 and email address for those who would like information
about the workshop.

Thank you again for including us on your webpage.


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