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We are CUPID'S ACTIVISTS fighting to give our children back their childhood
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Sony Play Station

A video game player that works with your TV.

There are billboards that read "if he's at home, he can't cheat on you."

(This certainly is disparaging to all married men and men in general. If I were a man and received this as a gift from my wife and I wasn't cheating on her, I'd feel she didn't trust me. If I bought it for myself, wouldn't she think I was cheating on her. Regardless of how you look at it, this product is demeaning to all men, and revives age old stereotypes that "all" men are unfaithful and animalistic. ----- Opinion of REAL Parents USA - 4.2.99)

You can contact Shelley Ashitomi, Marketing Director, Sony Entertainment, 919 East Hillsdale Blvd., Foster City, California 94404; phone (650) 655-8000

Source of Information for verification - Gordon Clay at 

as reported in the March/April 1999 issue of Everyman - A Men's Journal; email


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